G'day from Australia everybody... long time no post...
Before posting I did seek general instructions on the main site, however could not find what I wanted - or if I did find it I did not fully understand what I had to do.

I'm endeavoring to record and playback two cameras at one time. Was surprised and really happy to recognise the power of that process. I have two cameras, one at 500fps facing the golfer in the set position, and another (120fps) behind the golfer looking at the backswing and facing the golf screen (projector flicker minimized by dropping fps from 300 to 100 screen).
I set delayed record and individually I can capture good images off each camera, however when I set two camera record, then change to two camera playback...I have issues.

I have "trouble" with is getting the sound sync on both cameras when recording both at the same time - neither has the delayed capture "red" mark on replay. Maybe it's a setting or group of settings I need? Something else?

best regs, Oscar


I wanted to add to the above - I do not need to save images - rather review the images to see if the golf swing needs correction etc. I am looking for a simple process.
(1) Set up to hit the ball without hesitation
(2) Hit the ball
(3) Go to Kinovea and load the two images - hopefully both start recording at the same time
(4) Playback the images - if possible sync, not critical
(5) Review the image(s) - no need to save, only save 4 captures
(6) Go back to (1) and repeat