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Thanks for your continues endeavor for many peoples.
I am using Korean windows 10.
Unfortunately, your new 0.9.X version of Kinovea issue the ‘file open error' again.
Version 0.8.x have no problem at all.
This bug made it very difficult to use Kinovea very long time for foreign language users.
Many years ago, I’ve translated the Kinovea menu into Korean. After then, there were many changes in the functions and also menu items in Kinovea. But I didn’t update my translation. It because of there is not so much users in Korea. It is greatly due to the Unicode problem.
Your 0.9.x version looks great. So I’d like to translate the menu into Korean again. Also I want to make the translation of users guide and videos. It’s very thanks to you, solving the Unicode problem as soon as possible.