Kinovea and camera newbie here, I couldn't find a post about this on the forum so I wanted to bring it up here.

I am running 0.9.5 with a Basler acA1440-220um - IMX273 at 227.74 fps (this was the highest I could get the video to record).

I am recording a sprinter's start and then playing the video for feedback. Every 8 frames the video appears to skip forward, and repeats again every 8 frames.

Am I missing something with the settings?

Thanks for your help.


Skips by one or two frames?
It's probably a symptom of the recording not being able to record everything in real time so it's dropping frames once in a while when it falls behind. You can try to change the recording mode to Retroactive in the settings it should help. Make sure the memory buffer is large enough to record the duration you need.