I have 10 videos where the 6 of the videos have frame rate of 29.97, 2 videos have 23.98 and the rest two have 25. Now, if I track the wrist of the person present in these videos (all videos are independent of each other i.e. I am tracking 10 different people) using Kinovea, can I compare among these ten people's wrist movements from the raw output obtained from Kinovea? Or do I need to post-process (up/down sample) because of the different frame rates of the videos?

Your help is appreciated.



Yes they are comparable, the frame number is converted to a time. When exporting to spreadsheet for example everything will be in seconds.

It's just that the videos with lower frame rate don't have the same amount of information, it might miss one frame with an extreme posture compared to a video with the higher frame rate, whether this is acceptable in your study is up to you. You will know that any timed event has a uncertainty of the inverse of the frame rate.