Hi Joan,

GREAT application!!

I had read in one of your other replies a comment about Stro-Motion in DF. I was just wondering if this was a feature that you were planning to implement in Kinovea.

If not, I was wondering if you knew of any other package that may include something like it.

Keep up the great work.
Take care,


I wish this type of images to be called by their historical term of chronophotography. wink

I had started some very early experiments at the begining of the year. It is a topic I'm very interested in.
However, it is obviously in competition for developpement time with other areas of the software, most notably stabilizing the capture screen, other middle sized improvements, fixing bugs, etc.

When the capture screen reach an acceptable level of stability, I would like this to be the next big work area. (Seamless merging of two videos over the same background is a related topic.)
It is planned for inclusion in the 0.8 series, but that doesn't say much about the timeframe.