18 new observational references have just been contributed, thanks !

Most of them represent team sport fields, but also archery targets and tennis court.
These type of references open a new perspective: using them as coach boards or for some kind of notational analysis.

I can definitely see the need for opening them in their own screen.
It would also be interesting to have it turned into a video so you can have several sets of positions/annotations, maybe synchronize with the actual video, etc.
(Combine this with dual export and you have a play sequence on the left, and the corresponding step by step diagram on the right, nice smile)

One way to go about this would be:
1 - Support .svg in the explorer and allow opening directly in a player screen. (currently only for .bmp, .jpg, .png)
2 - When opening an image file (any supported type), ask the user if he/she wants to turn it into a video. Ask for duration and frame rate.

Other options ?
Other settings for creating the video ? (background color, image size…)

Having .svg thumbnails in the explorer would be interesting since currently I don't think there is a shell plugin that does it. There was one (proprietary) for Win XP but it has been discontinued.

Note: this is for mid-term/long term. Don't expect to see this in the next experimental version, but some parts of it may be added on the go.

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Glad you like them! smile
If there are any others you want just shout. Or is anyone spots a mistake let me know and I'll update them.


Andrew Callaway