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Topic: 0.8.25 playback functionality

applies to 0.8.25

1. Loop mode control is no longer part of the interface; is there a shortcut key?

2. previous/next frame functionality eratic when no work zone is specified or when it exceeds maximum size
   (in my case max is 10s or 300f; probably memory limit) right number of frames is generated;

3. When work zone excedes maximum; Navigation curser bounces on last 2 frames; rest to begining doesn't work.
  Click on navigation bar bellow workzone bar; cursor moves to this position; reset works.

4. Frames are generated on open clip. don't thing it is required as they are regenerated again with work zone setting;

wish list

5. if clip length is less then maximum, enter analysis mode automatically; no need to set work zone; no need to regenerate frames

6. Play reverse
- play reverse from current position; frames can be buffered on forward play (I believe that they already are); play back top down;
- add keyboard short cut to togle
- Better solution would be 2 keys FWd and Rev; Repetind key press should togle playback speed (2 speeds are enough 1x and .25x) <alt> <left>/<right> could be used

if you want to see this functionality, I can send you a link to app that does this.   

7. I am new to this and have not gone through all the posts.

it would be desirable to be able to link some external data to each clip like play breakdown in american football;
- could be a tab in file explorer
- could be alternative to file explorer
- data management with reporting would be ideal
(I have ms access app that I have used before, I'do few tests with your player and report back;)

There could be lot of interest for this in USA and Canada;
actually this may be a need in all sports.

Coach Mark