Topic: Ver 0.8.25 Export to Spreadsheet Issues

If Time is set to either Frame Numbers, Total Milliseconds or Total Microseconds these are exported as text not numeric data when using File/Export to Spreadsheet/OpenOffice Calc (ODF).

Re: Ver 0.8.25 Export to Spreadsheet Issues


The way these exporters work makes it complicated to distinguish these cases. The data is first exported to a Kinovea XML dialect and then converted "declaratively" directly between the XML formats to a target format like ODF, XHTML or Excel XML. It has proved rather burdensome to maintain.

If this is for trajectories, please consider using the "Data analysis" menu on the trajectory itself (in 0.8.25). This will bring a time series plot and can export the data to CSV, either clipboard or file. In this dialog the time coordinates are always numeric.

I'm currently expanding the data analysis dialog and it's possible that at some point it will replace the spreadsheet exporters altogether.