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When exporting in simple text format, no labels are saved with the data, which is very weird, given that many markers may be placed at the same time.
I'm exporting tracker positions and want to treat the data in Wolfram Mathematica, which is very powerful treating data, allowing for some serious automation. The issue is that the order of tracker information placed on the file is defined by the order the markers where created in Kinovea. So, if I don't take note of what tracker I created when, I can't tell what is what. This makes simple text export not practical.
Other exporting formats only work well on their target software, excel/openOffice for xml and odf and webbrowser for html, which makes the simple text the most versatile format.

Thank you

Re: Save Labels in simple text export

I'll look into this.

Moving forward the preferred way to export trajectory data is through the linear kinematics window and its CSV export. It's under the trajectory objects context menu in 0.8.25, but will be under "Tools" in the next version and will allow reviewing and exporting the kinematic data of several trajectories at the same time.

Re: Save Labels in simple text export

This should be fixed in the next version. Added the trajectory label as a comment line above the corresponding data.