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Topic: Lock segments lengt

I'm using the bike fit tool and I select the lock segments length option, but it shows nothing.
What do I have to do to show the measurements?.
I'm using version 0.8.26

Re: Lock segments lengt

The "Lock segments length" will force the lines to keep whatever size they had when you clicked the option. So when you move the ankle joint for example, it won't move freely around, instead it will keep the size of the leg the same.

The bike fit tool doesn't display the segments length, however this can be changed in the XML description of the tool which is user-editable.

Go to Kinovea program files folder, and under "DrawingTools\Custom" open the file "Bike fit.xml" in a text editor.
Under the whole <Segments></Segments> block you can add the following:

    <Distance point1="4" point2="5" />
    <Distance point1="5" point2="6" />

This will add length measurement for the thigh and leg segments. You can make your own changes as you like. Refer to the Segments section above for the points id.

Re: Lock segments lengt

Thank you very much