Topic: Copying Drawings

Is it possible to copy drawings (Human Model) and paste them somewhere else on a blank backdrop, without the video from which was originated? I need to generate a few figure sticks for a presentation...

Re: Copying Drawings


Not sure if this will suit your needs but here is a little-known trick that may help.

1. Create a text file with the following contents:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

2. Change the extension of the file to .ksv,
3. Open the file in Kinovea as a video. It will be a blank video of the specified size, framerate and duration,
4. Add drawings to your liking,
5. Copy the current frame by doing a right-click on the frame outside of the drawing and "Copy image to clipboard".

It will copy the entire frame and won't retain transparency so it's not as good as if you could just copy the drawing to paste it on a different background, but maybe it can be acceptable for your scenario. You can change the background color in the KSV file. Color format is ARGB.

Now if you create your drawings in an actual video as a reference, you could do this:
1. Save the reference analysis as a KVA file,
2. Create a KSV file with the same image size, framerate and duration as the original video,
3. Use menu File > Load key images data… and import your KVA into the blank video.

Now the human models tools don't have tracking by default so if you want to store several positions you will either have to create a new drawing at each pose you are interested in, or make them trackable.