Is there somebody can confirm that a camera ip wireless work well with kinovea?  For a project we will need this, but Gopro can't confirm me that it will work, same thing for the liquid 727.  I saw today the JVC GZ-EX210BU that can do motionjpeg.  I'm a little uncomfortable to buy this product without confidence about the success connection with Kinovea.

What camera wireless do you use?


GoPro will not work. I've started to look into it for a future support but it's still a long shot.
I don't know about the liquid 727, but I'd be surprised if it worked.

Regarding the JVC, it should work if it indeed has an MJPEG stream. I can't guarantee that the framerate will be acceptable though, it will depend on the image size they use for the stream and the network bandwidth…

If someone has first hand experience with similar models, input would be much appreciated.


Hi Joan,

Did you ever get the GoPro to work in WiFi mode?

Did anybody verify that the aforementioned JVC does work?

Also, on a somewhat related topic, is there something special I need to do to get Kinovea to recognize a GoPro that is connected via USB?  I've borrowed a couple from a friend to see if they will work for live streaming in my bike fit studio, but I'm not having much luck.

Thank you!