Topic: Bike Fit Tool fixed length segments

Would it be possible to have a feature on the bike fit tool that locks the segment lengths in order to change only the angles?
This would be helpful to investigate the as-is biker position and the to-be biker position.
Furthermore, it would be immensely useful to be able to specify a known segment length and having the others calculated and displayed.

Thank you

ps: your software is amazing

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Re: Bike Fit Tool fixed length segments

Yes it is definitely possible, the tools framework supports it.
It is implemented on the "Human Model 2" tool, from the extra "Options" menu.

If someone wants to look at the XML of both files it should be possible to port that feature to the bike fit tool. It's not documented though.

edit: what I mean is that it's possible right now, without waiting for a new Kinovea version. But the XML file of the tool has to be modified.

Re: Bike Fit Tool fixed length segments

Hi Joan,
I took a look at the file and I modified accordingly. it works like a charme!
This tool is very flexible.
I can share the modified XML if you tell me how.


Re: Bike Fit Tool fixed length segments

Super cool!

You can send me the file at joan at kinovea dot org. I will upload it on the website for the time being and then include it in the next version.

Re: Bike Fit Tool fixed length segments

The new tool is available at this location: /tools/hotfixes/0.8.23/3 - Bike fit.xml

For the interested: download the file, go to Kinovea program files and under "DrawingTools\Custom", replace the existing one, restart Kinovea.