Topic: Working with output time (milliseconds)


I'm new to the forum so if this has been addressed elsewhere I would be very appreciative of a link.

How do you get spreadsheets or programs like R to handle the time output? I have not been able to find anything for milliseconds (i.e. the programs I have tried recognize 0:00:00:10 as text and not as 10 ms).


Re: Working with output time (milliseconds)

If you go to Options > Time you can choose a format for timecodes. Using "Total milliseconds" for example should turn all times into numerical values in the interface and when exporting to spreadsheet. Then you can use them for time arithmetic.

In the data analysis window of tracks the times will always be in milliseconds, disregarding the time format option. So when copying to clipboard and pasting to spreadsheet it should also allow arithmetic.

Re: Working with output time (milliseconds)

Thanks Joan!