I am looking for a possiblilty to connect two cameras (min. 60fps better 120 fps) via WIFI with my surface and show them live on a big screen (via Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter) with min 5 sec. delay each. Can anyone give me an advice wih hardware I can use?


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Which resolution are you after? Wifi doesn’t usually offer that great bandwidth, and when working with uncompressed formats (not many 120fps@1080p cameras that stream H264) there can be quite the need for bandwidth.

Without wifi Prices increase significantly with each resolution bump. 60fps is readily achieved @720p with the Logitech C922 (~100€) or 1080p with Logitech Brio (~250€), which also does 4k and 90fps @ 720p.

If you need to cover some distance, I would recommend just using two computers, where the other would work as a encoding machine for the camera. You could then use any camera and stream the footage encoded as H264 or even H265 with say FFMPEG and then to the choice of your player or display. To stream to Kinovea, you will need to encode in MJPEG, which will have more bandwidth requirements, but should be doable with wifi, even at 120fps@1080p. (preferably with 802.11ac)

For 120fps and above I would personally go with a machine vision camera from Basler or IDS. (450€ for say acA1440-220uc, which can do >300fps @ 720p!). However you can find a multitude of UVC cameras from random manufacturers from Aliexpress and eBay. E.g. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1080P-H … 86085.html