Topic: Kinovea 0.9.1 crash: UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen

I posted this issue also on Github (, but since more people are using the forum I thought I post it also here:

In Windows privacy settings you can disable access to the microphone. When this is the case, Kinovea 0.9.1 crashes when you try to open the 'settings' menu. The fact that you cannot enter the 'settings' menu, makes it impossible to properly work with Kinovea.
The error from JIT that is reported is posted (in Dutch) in the Github link above. The logfile shows no error.

Workaround 1: Enable access to the microphone (in Windows-Settings-Privacy-Microphone).
Workaround 2: Disabling the audio input-device as a whole (in Windows-Settings-Audio).

Possible solution? Extra checks on audio device when opening PreferencePanel.

Re: Kinovea 0.9.1 crash: UnspecifiedError calling waveInOpen

Thanks for the heads up! I added a fix.

While checking this I realized I have multiple microphones that all return the default "product ID", so selecting most of them is impossible, it always revert to the last one. VoiceMeeter virtual input/output cables and the Oculus Rift mic all have the same ID…