Topic: OV4689

Hi guys, i bought an OV4689 based high speed camera for Kayeton. Im running the latest version of Kinovea and I can configure the camera to record in 3 different modes:

1920X1080 MJPEG 50fps
1280X720 MJPEG 100fps
640X360 MJPEG 330fps

I am using this for golf swing analysis - however im finding that at 100 FPS in getting a lot of club motion blur - I really need to be able to record at 330. The issue with 330 is that there is a flicker in the image that makes it unwatchable has anyone else managed to get this working? I also cant seem to get any of the manual autoexposure settings working - is this still an issue for this camera? not that impressed with it to be honest - feel like i may have wasted my money :-(