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Hi Looking to stand away from the laptop and start / stop recording. The ambient noise is to high to use audio so looking to create a remote manual trigger. Anybody done this before as I am a new user and cannot find any reference to it anywhere. It would also appear you cannot set another key as your start / stop trigger, or have i missed something?

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Re: Remote manual trigger

You can change the keyboard shortcut under Preferences > Keyboard > CaptureScreen > ToggleRecording.

So you could have a wireless keyboard or numpad and use that maybe.

More advanced ways: using a virtual audio cable (like Voicemeeter Aux Input/Output or Voicemeeter Banana). Then you can have an application trigger this somehow. There is also a Windows Message option that can be triggered using any program that can send Windows messages, like AutoHotKey, but that is not really documented yet, or rather we don't have a neat little example of a program calling this.

Edit: maybe it's also possible to use a contact/piezo microphone with a long wire, it should be possible to make it trigger only when actually touched, not from ambient noise.

Re: Remote manual trigger

Hi, I'm thinking on using something like the StreamDeck Mini but I think a wireless keyboard will suffice.