Hello I am using a high speed camera to capture the firing of a medical device at a very high speed. The cameras frame rate is 19058 fps and I have entered that in the configure video timing under capture frame rate. I have left the video frame rate as is at 30fps. I then declared the time origin right before the device fires, set up the axis origin and calibrated a known length from a line. I then tracked the path of the fired device through about 40-50 frames in 2ms. When I then do linear kinematics, the number of sampled points is incredibly low. I previously thought that the tracked path dictated the number of points that are being sampled but I currently only get 3-4 points for the velocity. Is there a setting I am missing or some fundamental misunderstanding? It's really hard to draw a conclusion with such a low number of points. Thank you.


Hmm, yeah there are a few places where one millisecond is used as a time base, I guess this is one of them. It will break for this kind of framerate. I'll see to fix this.


Appreciate the effort Joan