I use 2 Gopro 8 cameras, what are the best camera settings for capturing indoor for squash and outdoor for tennis?

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Sorry, I'm not familiar with GoPro settings. I'd expect the GoPro to have an automatic exposure control.  Get a user's manual from the GoPro Support website and take videos.  To reduce motion blur you will need a fast shutter speed.  That might be a problem indoors or under artificial lighting outdoors at night because the camera's automatic exposure control  might not select a fast enough shutter speed for small motion blur. 

Here is some information on light levels for outdoor tennis court lighting and outdoor sunlight, etc. 
https://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.p … t-16932668

I once found estimates that recommended indoor tennis court light levels should be about 1/80th/1.3% of outdoor direct sunlight (with sharp shadows).  Check my estimate and keep that very large difference in mind. 

You can take a camera with manual settings and photograph outdoor tennis and the indoor squash court.  Use the shutter speed settings to estimate the difference in light levels for similar exposures.


Thank you very much for your kind cooperation