I came across the FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 camera while looking for lower cost alternatives to IDS 3140.  (IDS also recently lowered the spec of IDS 3104.  It now can only do 159 fps).

The FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 can do 226 fps and support 1440 x 1080 resolution.  https://www.flir.com/products/blackfly- … 3-16S2C-CS

The list price is $335, which is less than half of the price of IDS 3140.  (I was quoted $700 for IDS 3140). 

Does Kinovea support FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 Camera?


No, cameras from FLIR / Point Grey Research are not supported at this time.


Thanks for the confirmation.  Any suggestions on low cost cameras that can do 200+ fps at 720 resolution for recording golf swings?


Another possibility could be the Daheng Imaging cameras which are supported since version 0.9.2. For example the MER-160-227U3C is based on the same sensor as the Blackfly you listed above (IMX273, 1440x1080, 227fps) and their MER-131-210U3C is based on the same sensor as the IDS (Python 1300, 1280x1024, 210fps).


Thank you very much for the info!


The industrial cameras from GeT-Cameras are supported and even much cheaper. The same 1.6MP camera with 227fps costs approx 200euro. They deliver worldwide: https://www.get-cameras.com/USB3.0-Came … 160-227U3C


Yes, the price for Europe is about 205 Euro. However, be aware of a handling fee of about 50 Euro.
Furthermore, this price is EXCLUSIVE VAT.

You will get a camera at a similar price in Europe, i.e. from Basler:
224fps, 1/3" sensor
https://www.baslerweb.com/de/produkte/k … 440-220um/
https://www.baslerweb.com/en/products/c … 440-220uc/


Joan, I would like to add my request to have Flir usb3 vision support. Much appreciated.



Just wanted to bump this to see if FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 or USB 3 Vision support is available yet, as this thread is about 2 years old now.

Thanks so much!