I came across the FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 camera while looking for lower cost alternatives to IDS 3140.  (IDS also recently lowered the spec of IDS 3104.  It now can only do 159 fps).

The FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 can do 226 fps and support 1440 x 1080 resolution.  https://www.flir.com/products/blackfly- … 3-16S2C-CS

The list price is $335, which is less than half of the price of IDS 3140.  (I was quoted $700 for IDS 3140). 

Does Kinovea support FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 Camera?


No, cameras from FLIR / Point Grey Research are not supported at this time.


Thanks for the confirmation.  Any suggestions on low cost cameras that can do 200+ fps at 720 resolution for recording golf swings?


Another possibility could be the Daheng Imaging cameras which are supported since version 0.9.2. For example the MER-160-227U3C is based on the same sensor as the Blackfly you listed above (IMX273, 1440x1080, 227fps) and their MER-131-210U3C is based on the same sensor as the IDS (Python 1300, 1280x1024, 210fps).


Thank you very much for the info!


The industrial cameras from GeT-Cameras are supported and even much cheaper. The same 1.6MP camera with 227fps costs approx 200euro. They deliver worldwide: https://www.get-cameras.com/USB3.0-Came … 160-227U3C


Yes, the price for Europe is about 205 Euro. However, be aware of a handling fee of about 50 Euro.
Furthermore, this price is EXCLUSIVE VAT.

You will get a camera at a similar price in Europe, i.e. from Basler:
224fps, 1/3" sensor
https://www.baslerweb.com/de/produkte/k … 440-220um/
https://www.baslerweb.com/en/products/c … 440-220uc/


Joan, I would like to add my request to have Flir usb3 vision support. Much appreciated.



Just wanted to bump this to see if FLIR's Blackfly S USB3 or USB 3 Vision support is available yet, as this thread is about 2 years old now.

Thanks so much!


Same here, would love to see support for Point Grey cameras, thanks!


Same also. Would really appreciate it.


will we ever see FLIR support or is there something about licensing or drivers that is preventing this from happening with a free-to-use software?