Currently, you can have only two playback windows open and synchronize. These will be aligned side-by-side, and can export a single video with the two originals (synchronized if you want) in that side-by-side orientation. I'd like to see the ability to place the windows over-under, with playback window A above playback window B below. Then be able to export a video in that orientation. Ideally, 4 playback screens with time coding/synchronization, is what I'm looking for.
I'm eagerly awaiting the composite superimposition of two synchronized videos. Cheers!


You can export over-under by doing File > Export video > Side by side, it will first ask for the output file name and after that there is another dialog where you can choose between horizontal or vertical configuration. Same for images. This is new in 2023.1.


Great! Thank you very much. My Digital Video for Kinesiology class will use that to compare 4 versions of the same scene (Wide angle, Tight, Light, and Dark) to see how the resolution is affected by those conditions. Cheers!