sounds interesting. It is hard to imagine to have a 100W LED light at that price.
An appropriate quality LED-light of 50W, having a flicker-index of 0,01 I didn't found below 90 Euro. At 200fps you still can see some flickering. At 100fps it is OK.
Absolutely flicker free is the Aputure Amaran HR672S, 25°, about 4600 Lumen, but it costs about 250 Euro.

It would be interesting to know, at which fps-rate and shutter-speed you test these lights.
A simple test would be to use the handy in slow motion recording mode. Most (at least the iPhone) have a slow motion record at 120fps and 240fps to make a quick check.

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I have set my camera to 510 fps...and the flicker is so small...based on limited light. I wait for my 4 x 150W led lights to boost the general lighting...as well as a backdrop screen to cover the steel wall of my workshop. When that is done will see of I can record some footage fyi. Will send my settings FYI in next post.


Sounds good. 4x150W will blow you away...

Can you tell us the shutter speed you are using?
To really see the details without blurring, a relative short shutter-time is necessary (<=500 MICROseconds).

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How/where do I find shutter speed? Am really a newbie... I will send Joan my image of the Kinovea camera settings...I'm not 100% sure of how to do posting images here. Maybe Joan can fwd my image settings to you..or if you can email me directly. All I found was that this is a Global Shutter...I just did a search for  "acA720-520uc - Basler shutter speed". Not sure if that helps?


The concept of shutter speed is called "Exposure" in the interface, it's the same thing. It's the duration the shutter stays open while the sensor is being exposed. You can get it from the camera settings (clicking the wrench or clicking the name of the camera at the top). You should get something like this:



"Tag Reiner",
Based on info from Joan (thanks again Joan)...the exposure at the moment is 1103us for 536fps. There is minor flicker from other lights in my shed and once I get the boost in the new Led lights...I expect better quality.