Topic: Audio triggerd capture - more options and settings

first let me thank you for this amazing software.
I've learned about it during a trainer seminar and will definitely include it in my trainings.

I really like the feature for audio triggerd capture but want to place the following feature requests for it. (version 0.9.5 on Windows 10)

  • 1:
    for our sports (traget shooting), it would be nice to have the option to only capture one single picture instead of starting a video.
    This question was already raised earlier in an 0.9.1-thread: … 4297#p4297 (so I'm not the only one thinking about it)

    I could think of two radio buttons to select what action should be triggerd, start video or save image. Other setting wouldn't be touched.

    (actually I can stop the video after about 0.05 s, to only get a few frames recorded, but I still have to extract single pictures afterwards.)

  • 2:
    I would prefer to have the audio trigger to be "disarmed" when opening a new screen capture window, even if the general automation setting is enabled in the preferences.
    This way, one can make the necessary configurations without disturbance of an accidentially triggered recording. Once everything is being set, oen can arm the trigger with the speaker symbol.

  • 3:
    In a somewhat noise environment, I find the settable threshold a bit too low and beeing reached to often. Maybe the settable range can be increased e.g. 0-100?
    Of course, probably I need to decrease the input gain of my microphone (haven't that yet) to adjust the range. But then, it would also be nice to have this option to set the microphone gain from within kinovea instead of doing it system-wide from the OS-audio settings.

What do you and others think?