This option lets you change the language of Kinovea’s user interface.

The translations are contributed by the community. If you would like to contribute please check the translation project at Weblate.

Number of files in history

This options controls how many recently opened files and replay folders are remembered and listed under the menu File ‣ Recent.

Allow multiple instances of Kinovea

When this checkbox is checked it is possible to run multiple Kinovea at the same time. This can be used to record more than two cameras or play more than two videos at the same time. Each instance is identified by a name or a number.

See also: Running multiple instances of Kinovea.


Video synchronization does not work across different instances.

Instances have their own preferences

When this checkbox is checked each instance of Kinovea will maintain its own preferences, independently of all other instances. This option is only available in the first instance started.