Thumbnails panel

The thumbnails panel is displayed when there are no playback or capture screens loaded. It shows thumbnails corresponding to the active tab of the explorer panel.


In the case of the file explorer and shortcut tabs, it displays thumbnails of the files in the selected folder. In the case of the camera explorer it displays thumbnails of all the cameras connected to the computer.

Size buttons


The size buttons change the size of the thumbnails.

Explorer buttons


The explorer buttons change the active tab in the explorer panel. The rightmost button enable or disable full screen mode.

Content preview

Thumbnails of video files contain multiple frames of the video. The extra frames can be viewed using the sections at the bottom of the thumbnail.


Metadata overlay

Some metadata can be overlaid on the thumbnails of videos or images. To configure which metadata is overlaid right click the background of the explorer to bring up the context menu.


Enabling the metadata Kva file will make it display “kva” on the thumbnail when annotations exist as a sidecar file to the main video.